The Best Time to Visit Botswana

The Best Time to Visit Botswana

Visiting a country at the correct time of year can be crucial in ensuring that it is the trip of a lifetime. As our specialist, Peter, explains, there are general trends with regards to the weather in Botswana which are worth taking into account when planning your adventure.

When Is the Best Time to Visit Botswana?

As with most countries, the best time to visit Botswana depends on your personal preferences.

Some of the main considerations when deciding on the best time to visit are:

-               What are your must do/see activities & attractions?

-               Do you mind being surrounded by other tourists?

-               Can you cope with hot weather (35+)?

-               Do you want to avoid mosquitoes?


The weather in Botswana isn’t 100% predictable, but there are general trends. There’s a dry, cooler season and a wet, warmer season. If you’re travelling during the change of seasons, the weather is more difficult to predict.

Here’s an overview of Botswana’s seasons to help you make up your mind.

December – February (Wet Season)

The low season for tourism has high temperatures averaging mid to high 30s during the day and low 20s overnight. Rainfall is heavy, often not stopping for days. If you’re looking for a personalised tour on a budget, this is the best time to visit, as hotel rates are at their lowest (some hotels close down for the wet season). If you are worried about being stuck indoors, then make sure you choose accommodation that has plenty for you to do.

The country is very green during these months, with the main attractions seeing newborn animals and birdwatching, although the latter is fantastic year round in Botswana.

The big draw is the zebra and wildebeest migrations (the second biggest in the world) at the great Makgadikgadi Pans.

March – May (Wet to Dry)

Rainfall starts to ease during March leaving Botswana with clear blue skies and lush green scenery. Temperatures start to drop with overnight temperatures in May creeping into single figures, while the daytime is a pleasant mid-20s.

June – August (Dry Season)

This is the peak season for tourism in Botswana, with temperatures dropping close to freezing in the evening but warming up nicely during the day. The watering holes have started to dry up therefore game are more compact, providing awesome opportunities for seeing wildlife. There’s also the benefit of fewer mosquitos around during this period, therefore minimal chance of catching malaria.

Tourism numbers are highest during these months, yet you won’t be faced with the mass tourism seen in other safari destinations as Botswana’s tourism industry is still in its infancy.

September – October (Driest Time of Year)

The rainy season hasn’t begun, but temperatures rise even further. This creates even fewer water sources, concentrating game even further. If you want to visit purely for the big game, this is the best time to visit, though be warned – you might experience hot days of 40+. All of the national parks can be visited during this period.

November (Dry to Wet)

November’s weather is unpredictable. There could be an extension of the dry season from October or the rains might arrive early, settling in for the wet season. Rains are usually confined to late afternoon showers, so any plans aren’t likely to be interrupted. Temperatures are similar to October, with an average high of 37 and low of 20.

Feeling confused? At True Luxury, we have staff that have lived and travelled in Botswana extensively, so we can answer all your queries. If you’d like to start planning your trip of a lifetime, call us on +44 (0) 203 137 124, email [email protected] or drop into our London office and we can create your dream trip.

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