Escape to the Maldives

Escape to the Maldives

The Maldives has long been a highly sought after destination for honeymooners and couples in search of a romantic getaway. However, as our specialist, Molly, explains, times have changed and the Maldives has converted into a versatile destination that has something for everyone.

The Maldives for many evokes an image of perfect white beaches and pristine turquoise waters. A place with so few inhabitants that you are guaranteed to feel like you are staying on your own private island; a place where your room above the crystal waters means getting below the surface is just a few steps away and the clarity of the water provides an impossible view into the undiscovered world below. So when we are faced with the grey skies, cold mornings and often persistent rain at home - could there a more beautiful and romantic dream? 


Across 26 crystal blue atolls you will find a collection of over 1,000 small islands that collectively form the Maldives, known now for a being a destination of exotic luxury - a true beach retreat. For many years though little was know about this beautiful archipelago located only an hours flight from Sri Lanka. There was no infrastructure or facilities and its only inhabitants were local fishermen, who still then were clustered onto a few small islands within each atoll. However, in February 1972 the world changed for this remote corner of the planet with the first hotel being built. 


This change brought with it a wave of interest from all over the world and this untouched idyllic haven became famous for those who wanted to escape from it all. As it follows, it was only a short time before the Maldives and Honeymoon would become two synonymous terms. People wanted quiet time away from family and friends so they could settle into their marriage undisturbed and that is what they got in their own slice of heaven. 


The tides are changing though - as it does with all destinations. People aren’t afraid to travel to the unknown and children will spend as much time on planes as they will trains. Those early doors honeymooners now have families and given that the Maldives is much easier to access than ever before, it is no wonder that the hotels are responding. There are kids’ clubs, tennis courts, football fields, pottery classes and climbing walls on land. Below the surface you can explore the marine life with snorkeling, glass kayaks, diving and even restaurants to name a few. It is no longer about making sure the couple falls in love but that the whole family do too - and they are.


It is safe to say a lot has changed for the Maldives in the 45 years of tourism - it is estimated that there are over 500 hotels, resorts and guest houses and Male International Airport has over a million tourists through its doors a year. Now with direct flights from the UK in peak season, your private beach retreat is only 10 hours away.


Molly Pigott

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