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Meet the Senior Team

Meet the Senior Team

Meet our passionate travel team who would be responsible for creating your next holiday...

Peter Stephens

Peter Stephens - Chairman

“Having been Chairman at Scott Dunn for 21 years, I am thrilled to have joined True Luxury Travel, who are bringing much needed innovation to the luxury travel sector.”

In 2015, I was introduced to Henry Morley who had incredible enthusiasm, vision and drive to offer innovation within the travel sector at True Luxury Travel and soon after I became Chairman.

Henry founded True Luxury Travel in the belief that there is a huge lack of transparency within the industry. He has built a team of passionate travel specialists who offer an exceptional quality of personal service combined with a refreshingly transparent approach to pricing, compared to the other established tour operators.

Having been involved in the industry for more than three decades, I was genuinely struck by our team's passion for ensuring that customers receive the very best in quality, while only ever paying a fair and transparent price. I strongly believe this is a much needed product within the increasingly homogenised luxury travel sector.

Countries Visited: Too many to remember!

Perk of the Job: Looking through our happy clients photographs when I visit the office


Henry Morley

Henry Morley - Founder & CEO

“It gives me so much pleasure to meet new clients who have travelled with the same tour operator for years and have had enough of paying a premium for a tired service. However, nothing gives me more pleasure than hearing their stories when they return before planning their next adventure...”

From a very young age, travelling was in my blood and it has never left me. The sights, smells and culture of new countries captivates me and has always left me wanting more. 

So after years running a security company in London's Mayfair, I moved to Africa, driving from north to south and embedding myself into wildlife conservation projects along the way. As well as meeting hundred's of inspiring people, it became clear from experience that the luxury travel industry needed a fresh, transparent approach. 

True Luxury Travel was born, combining our core principles of true expert advice, a highly personal team and a transparent approach to pricing. 

What I love about our team is their sensational passion for travel. Everyone, no matter what position, spends at least six weeks a year visiting our destinations so they have fresh knowledge about our camps, any new managers and guides, as well as flagging up lodges which have slipped under our high standard requirements.

They can then share that passion with our guests and have the in-depth knowldedge to pick the right lodges for the right clients. 

Countries Visited: Morocco, Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Zambia, Botswana, South Africa, Mozambique, Seychelles, Namibia, Malawi, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Australia, Columbia, Carribbean, U.S.A, Hawaii, most of Europe, Turkey, Egypt, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Rwanda.  

Perk of the Job: Exploring new destinations and approaching popular areas with our 'avoid the crowds' philosophy.

Peter Fisher

Peter Fisher - Managing Director

“Amazing travel experiences are unforgettable, they can keep you buzzing for months, often years after you get home. Many of us enjoy our day to day, but we'd be lying if we'd rather be at work than on holiday. With that in mind, it's important to get it right!”

I swapped a job in finance for that of a safari guide and haven't looked back. Lodge construction, concession management, anti-poaching work and the all important gin and tonic butler: I've worked in many roles within the travel industry. Now, helping others plan fantastic holiday experiences brings me enourmous satisfaction.

Our team understand that everyone is different, as such no two itineraries should be the same. What could be the dream for some of us is the antithesis for others. By listening to what you want we will tailor-make an unforgettable experience for you.

Holidays are important to all of us, but most importantly they should be fun; from planning stages, through the trip and long after into the future. I really enjoy being a part of that process.

Countries Visited: Morocco, Mali, Sao Tome & Principe, Namibia, South Africa, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Kenya. USA, Canada, Bermuda, Jamaica, Cuba, Caribbean... Europe... Oman, India, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia & Vietnam.

Perk of the Job: Working with great guides who are passionate about what they do and can elevate an experience for our guests from the memorable to the spectacular 



Molly Pigott

Molly Pigott - Director of Operations

“My mission is to help our guests with any request they might have, however big or small, so that their holiday's are seamlessly handled from start to finish ”

My parents have always been travel mad and as such I was very fortunate to travel extensively with my family over many years, so a move into travel industry seemed only natural! I wanted to be someone who had the depth of knowledge to provide guests with the fabulous and memorable itineraries to be talked about for many years to come.

You could say I have started from the bottom because my first dip into the luxury travel world was on work experience for True Luxury Travel. During my time, I learnt more than I could have imagined and it was here that my passion for luxury travel was set alight. 

Fast forward a few years and having experienced some epic adventures along the way, I am now in charge of our client's travel from the moment they confirm their booking, to the moment they return and begin booking their next adventure with us. 

My team's mission is to handle each of our client's requests, however large or small, and to help them wherever possible in the run up, during or after their holiday, so that they can enjoy it to the max! 

Countries Visited: South Africa, Tanzania, Morocco, Oman, UAE, Zanzibar, Mauritius, Maldives, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, USA, Canada, Bermuda, Antigua, Europe...

Perk of the Job: Working with guests to plan every small detail of their holiday whether it's reservations at the most exclusive restaurants, diving with whale sharks or a sunrise hot air balloon over the bush.

Matthew Ansell

Matthew Ansell - Marketing Director

“My role is to help spread the word about this talented team of travel specialists and the painstaking work they to deliver first class travel experiences. The team’s passion is infectious. My job is to tell that story. No pressure then!”

I love travelling and I love to explore. So, whenever I travel, I always take my running shoes with me and keep a keen ear out for local advice on how to stray safely off the beaten track. And that’s what I love most about my job. I get to work with a team of experts with local knowledge, who thrive on helping customers travel and explore the countries that they know and love.

Countries visited: Sri Lanka, Nepal, South Africa, Kenya, Morocco, Tunisia, Mauritius, St Lucia, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, China, Hong Kong, Jordan, Egypt, UAE, Australia, Bali, New Zealand, Fiji, USA and most of Europe.”

Perk of the job: Safaris are my secret passion. I just love going on them. So I’m in the privileged position to be working with the World’s leading safari experts, learning where to go, when to go and how to avoid the crowds.”

Katie Kennard

Katie Kennard - Senior Travel Consultant

“A phenomenal holiday takes time to design, which is something a lot of people don't have. To get it right, means involving someone like me, who can think of those finer details and unique activities that will make the experience undoubtedly better. I find it hugely satisfying knowing that a trip I have meticulously designed, step by step for guests, will flood their memories for life.”

As a young girl, I longed for independence and the desire to explore places the rest of my family hadn't seen. My parents couldn't object to these adventures when my pitch was well practised and every element of the trip had been clearly mapped out, leaving no room for error. I set off on one of my greatest adventures to a small island in Zimbabwe, Musango on Lake Kariba where I helped manage the lodge here. I got such pleasure from my evenings with guests at the camp, sharing stories, I pursued a job in the UK in travel.

I'm always first up in the morning, in my trainers or on a bike. I just point my bike in one direction, and start cycling, until I find something worth sharing with other people. Having taken this philosophy to many areas of the planet, (including Australia, Eastern Europe, Africa, South East Asia, Sri Lanka, India, and Africa), running headlong into the wilderness was not something I could advise my friends and family to do. I learnt the hard way in Zimbabwe, getting very lost and missing my flight home. Having said that, New Zealand with its endless stretches of undisturbed coastline, mountain peaks and river trails made it an incredibly satisfying place to run. I find myself desperate to reach the next bend, to see what the view has it store for me.

South East Asia has so much to give, hence having revisited on multiple occasions. I tend to get twitchy sitting on the beach all day, however here, your options are endless. Borneo is the perfect example, combining wildlife in the rainforests, trekking up Mount Kinabalu along with some stunning beaches. Most places offer private boat trips to secluded islands and beaches, exceptional diving, cycling, cooking courses, temple tours and if you are looking to swat up on your knowledge, there are some incredibly informative museums and fantastic guides who will give you a true insight into the rich history of their countries. I must remember, it’s not meant to be a marathon!

Countries visited: Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia, Borneo, Singapore, Hong Kong Laos, India, Sri Lanka, Australia, New Zealand, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Morocco, Europe.... 

Perks of the job: Being the first to know about new hotels and the best ways to explore the area’s I specialise in. 

Georgie Preston

Georgie Preston - Luxury Travel Consultant

“Having lived abroad in three countries, I think I naturally developed my insatiable passion for travel and other cultures from a very young age, so it gives me the greatest pleasure to share my knowledge and help create dream holidays for our clients.”

Ever since my first holiday to South Africa as an 8 year old, my heart was stolen by Africa and its spectacular beauty and wildlife. Growing up, this urge to travel only grew, and after spending a year living in France, Spain & Argentina, I have now developed a huge passion for other cultures and experiences. I believe that everyone should have the chance to create unforgettable memories from their holidays and I love helping our clients design their next adventure.  

Countries Visited:  Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania, Morocco, Mauritius, Canada, Argentina, USA, Cuba, and the majority of Europe! 

Perks of the job: Having six weeks of every year to travel the globe and visit our wonderful lodges!

Adda Birch Reynardson

Adda Birch Reynardson - Luxury Travel Consultant

“Since I was 18 years old, I have been working in hospitality and looking after people. I enjoy the idea of creating experiences for my guests that will last as happy memories for the rest of their lives. I am an avid enthusiast for new and exciting adventures and the travel industry gives me the opportunity to explore things I could never imagine doing in any other job. Sharing that passion with my guests and ensuring that we over-deliver on their holidays gives me huge pleasure. ”

I am an 'Africa man', purely because I have explored it more than other continents. I first went when I was 16 and since then I have been back multiple times. On my latest exploration, I ran a luxury lodge as well as guiding in South Africa and what was meant to be 3 months, ended up becoming more than a year. Having now returned to England, I talk about very little else! 

Having this 'frontline' experience is hugely beneficial to my travel specialist role at True Luxury Travel. I have a greater understanding of the logistics of being in certain areas of Sub Saharan Africa and constantly call on my local network to ensure I am going the extra mile with every itinerary that I create.

What else have I done? Well... before I became a travel guru I ran a pub! This experience taught me how to deal with a huge range of situations with a calm and clear mind and this has helped me hugely working in the luxury travel industry. I have an eye for evading problems that might occur and ensuring that my guests holidays are stress free - which they seem to appreciate.

Having moved to True Luxury Travel from Scott Dunn in 2017, I am confident that we as a team can create the most beautiful holidays for everyone. 

Countries Visited: According to an app, I have been to 31% of Africa and 11% of the world! 

The perk of the Job: Speaking to my guests when they get home and listening to their thrilling safari stories. 

Milo McConnell

Milo McConnell - Luxury Travel Consultant

“My desire to explore new areas and different wildlife has always been one of the biggest motivating factors in my life. Being able to share that passion with people as a Safari Specialist was always my dream. As the old saying goes “Choose and job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life” and with this in mind, a career in luxury travel was always the only option for me! ”

Growing up as a child of two safari guide parents in Kenya, some of my earliest memories are of school holidays spent exploring the wildest and most remote corners of East Africa. I have been addicted to safari all my life and after finishing university in England, I returned to Kenya and spent three years as a full time safari guide working all over Africa.
From trekking with gorillas in Rwanda to circling high over the heads of desert elephants in Namibia, there always seems to be something new to experience in Africa and never enough time to do so. Having been so lucky to see so much of Africa, my job is to narrow down exactly what makes you tick, what experience we can create for you that is going to have you still talking about it on a cold winter’s morning 20 years from now!
Countries Visited: 

Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Malawi, Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, Angola, Zambia, Mozambique, Most of Europe, Australia, The USA, Mexico and Thailand.  

Perk of the Job: 

Being able to explore new and wild areas for True Luxury Travel and experience first-hand the thrill of the adventures that we offer our guests!

Juno Anderson

Juno Anderson - Operations Assistant

“My task is to be on hand to all our guests, whatever their request may be, to make sure their holiday or honeymoon is the dream they evisaged from the moment they book to when they return. ”

My passion for travel started at a young age and I have been fortunate enough to visit many amazing destinations around the world. To pick a favourite would be an impossible task, but my top highlights include living and working in India in a national park where I was fortunate enough to see wild Tigers in the Jungle, sharing months with a very special elephant Tara at Kipling camp in India, seeing Angkor Wat in Cambodia and riding across the desert on Camelback in Morocco. My role as Operations Assistant at True Luxury Travel is diverse and rewarding, I love coming to work and learning more about the world each day and ensuring guests have wonderful holidays where so many special memories are made.

Countries Visited: Thailand, Cambodia, India, Morocco, Colombia, Hong Kong, Europe, USA...

Perk of the Job: Helping guests create their dream honeymoon or holiday from my personal experiences and making sure every small detail is perfect. 



Molly Kinnaird

Molly Kinnaird - European Luxury Travel Consultant

To me, the joy of Europe is that you can hop on a plane in the afternoon and by supper you can be pressing grapes in the Douro Valley, chasing the Northern Lights in the Arctic Circle or sitting down for an evening of ballet at the Bolshoi.

I spent many of my childhood holidays on the Wild West coast of Ireland, swimming with dolphins, fishing for mackerel and bombing down sand dunes. It remains my favourite corner of the world, but it instilled a love of nature, doing as the locals do and getting off the increasingly beaten track which remains with me wherever I go. 


Europeans do not realise how lucky we are to have so many cultures, national dishes, UNESCO World Heritage sites, activities and centuries of history on our doorsteps. I am lucky enough in this role to be reminded of this all too regularly and I love to point people in the direction of destinations they had not thought to travel to before, only a short flight away


Countries Visited: Greece, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Croatia, Finland, Sweden, Portugal, France, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Austria, India, Nepal, Thailand, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Mexico, Cuba, Morocco.


Perk of the Job: Hearing about the amazing things people see, do and eat on their trips and watching my bucket list grow

Ra D'Arcy Clark

Ra D'Arcy Clark - Director of United States Relations

I cannot think of many things that beat a holiday… in fact, I honestly can’t think of anything. With that in mind, surely, it is a no-brainer to tailor your holiday specifically to you; to ensure the time you have away is an uninterrupted and unparalleled heaven… and hopefully this is where we come in.

My personal holiday ‘ingredients’ are fairly simple; active adventure followed by idle, guilt-free relaxation. I like to get out and explore, and if this involves, heading out on a horse, on foot, bike, or canoe… even better.  After this, I want undisturbed sun, sea and reading time…  You, on the other hand, may be after something wholly different and with any luck we will have fun creating the optimum experience. 

Having worked in travel for the last 9 years I’ve travelled all over the world and my speciality has predominantly been Africa. I’ve returned from each trip marvelling at the sheer diversity this one continent can offer. From riding across the plains of the Masai Mara, trekking with the Gorillas in both Rwanda and Uganda, enjoying the pristine and utterly deserted beaches of Madagascar, to (possibly slightly less tempting) running the Marathon des Sables in April 2018. The possibilities are endless.  That said, subsequent trips to Colombia, India, Belize, Jamaica, Cambodia and even Scotland have only gone to show that the world is quite literally the most exciting place and it’s ours to discover. 

Personal Highlights: Skiing ‘first tracks’ in Aspen, elephant trekking in Cambodia, sky diving in Australia, cave diving in Honduras, bone fishing in Cuba, camel trekking in the Mathews Mountains in Kenya, diving in the Red Sea, horse riding Kenya, Botswana, South Africa, the Atlas Mountains of Morocco and finally Auschwitz in Poland which will sound like an extraordinary thing to list as a ‘highlight’ as it is a deeply sad but wholly moving experience and one I think everyone should do once in their lives. Closer to home these European cities are some of my real favourites: Copenhagen, Budapest, Porto, Amsterdam (my mother is Dutch!), Istanbul and Berlin.


Countries Visited: 

Africa: Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Botswana, South Africa, Mozambique, Madagascar, Morocco, Djibouti, Egypt

Europe: France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Holland, Hungary, Turkey, Greece, Poland, Germany, Belgium

Asia and Australasia: Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, India, Malaysia, Sinagpore, Australia

Americas: The USA, Colombia, Honduras, Belize, Jamaica and Cuba


Perk of the Job: 

It doesn’t get much better than speaking to clients on their return to hear that they have had a wonderful time. And then it probably goes without saying but discovering new and exciting places, whilst, more often than not, staying in some pretty spoiling camps and lodges. 

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