Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy


Understanding our subject is incredibly important for the team at True Luxury Travel. We believe this in-depth understanding of our tailormade destinations is the only way we are able to deliver on our promise of creating a truly tailormade experience for our travelling guests. In order to keep our specialist knowledge fresh, every member of the True Luxury Travel team travels to our destinations for at least a month of the year - checking up on our old favourites, inspecting new properties, meeting managers and guides. We place a lot of importance on the experiences in each of our destinations, so the activities, guided trips, restaurants and much more come with our personal recommendation.



A clear and transparent pricing approach is an important core value of True Luxury Travel. Although our team of destination specialists will arrange every aspect of your holiday, performing the role of a tailor-made tour operator to create a full 'package;, we also believe the mystery of a 'package price' is an outdated concept. For those who would like to see it, we are happy to send a full and itemised pricing breakdown wherever we possibly can. Apart from anything else, we believe this is a vital tool to help you the guest make decisions on logistics and accommodation options alongside our guidance and expert advice.



Our aim is to create a seamless holiday experience for all of our guests. If you don't want to be involved with thinking about logistics, timings and activity choices when you are away, then we ensure care is taken to match every aspect and detail of your itinerary from one point to the next. We work with excellent lodges, guides and local ground fixers in all our tailormade destinations. So you will always have someone locally based to turn to in the event of any questions while you are away. However, we know that even through double and triple checking of all details, situations when you are travelling can be outside of our and your control: flight delays; the impact of weather; or just your own personal preference to make a change whilst away on your trip mean there are reasons you will need to contact the True Luxury Travel team. To cater for this our office number is answered 24/7 and the senior management team monitor this service and any email traffic at all times. If you feel more comfortable having an alternative means of contacting your travel consultant or the operations team then you are welcome to connect with us via WhatsApp or iMessage for a more personal and prompt approach. We offer as much flexibility as you require and want to ensure you go away on your holiday with the confidence you are backed up by our team of specialists.



No two True Luxury Travel holidays are the same. Planning of every trip begins with a blank piece of paper. The content of your trip is put together collaboratively between your travel consultant and yourself. As long as you would like it to be, this is a two way process and we welcome as much involvement in the planning as you care to give. In the same breath, if you'd like to sit back and soak up the suggestions from our experienced team then provide us with your brief and a bit of context and we will get to work. Teamwork is a core principle of the True Luxury Travel approach. You will often find multiple members of the team working on creating your trip, this is because we know that despite the travel we ourselves do and our own personal experience of living, working and travelling throughout our destinations, collaborative knowledge always trumps that of the individual. Everyone in the office has an opinion, it demonstrates the passion we have for what we do and we input that in to creating all holidays - from the most complex multi-continent extended trips, to seemingly simple Winter sun getaways. Put us to the test and see what we come up with, I hope you'll be impressed with our creativity.



The core destinations of True Luxury Travel are found in Sub Saharan Africa and in these destinations, the most popular experience is of course safari. Our team is made up of guides, we've worked throughout East and Southern Africa and we know better than others that a guide can make or break an experience. A great guide can bring a desert to life, a bad guide can turn a magical situation into a nightmare. So while we personally check up on the standard of guiding throughout our lodge portfolio, we also apply this principle to our global destinations. Experiencing a new city is so much more exciting with a local beside you; experiencing an activity like learning to surf is more memorable with a professional steering you in the right direction for example. We are very proud of our network and have access to a wide variety of off-the-books guides. People who don't advertise their knowledge but whose experience and passion can be experienced for their specialist subject in order to really take a great experience to the next level. If you are interested in finding out more about who these amazing 'characters' are, then give us a call and we can expand on the opportunities.



In the majority of cases you will be staying at properties in your itinerary that one of the True Luxury Travel team has visited in the past 12 months. By ensuring our consultants spend at least a month of the year in their specialist destinations we can guarantee that our hand-picked selection lives up to expectations. We look at all aspects of a property, of course the obvious are important: location, accommodation and service standards. But it's also key to understand how one option may work for some but not for others and how a property located in one area would be the dream in January, but might be hell in July. We're not just a team of hotel inspectors, we are a team of travel specialists who have worked in the industry so understand the challenges involved with delivering high quality service, often in challenging environments.

We think it's worth mentioning our understanding of the word "luxury". It's in our name but we are well aware of the different interpretations and connotations. We have stayed at some of the most luxurious (in the traditional sense of the word) properties on Earth, hotels with suites so large you can get lost in them and furniture that would be better placed in a design museum. But we have also slept on mattresses under mosquito nets in dry river beds and on deserted islands - the only people for miles around: for some that's the epitome of luxury. Luxury is in the location, the service, the people looking after you and giving you the opportunity to experience something very special while you're on holiday.



True Luxury Travel is a member of the Travel Trust Association, giving you confidence that each and every one of our partner lodges, guides and logistics suppliers have been approved and due diligence undertaken by an independent body. Membership of the Travel Trust Association gives you confidence to book your holiday with Supplier Failure Cover insurance provided as standard so in the event of a failing by any one of the suppliers in your itinerary, your money is safe and secure and your holiday guaranteed. Understanding what is meant by ATOL, ABTA, IATA and a raft of other industry associations is important, the waters are muddy so speak to our team for guidance on this and further information.

It is a requirement that all guests of True Luxury Travel take out travel insurance in advance of their trip. For the vast majority of cases this is for peace of mind and a claim is a rare occurrence, but if some unforeseen situation prevents you from travelling you will have back up. If while you are away you fall ill, lose luggage, miss a flight or any other unpreventable or unexpected situation occurs, you will be relieved to have the back up of a good insurance policy. True Luxury Travel offers insurance through our partners Johnson Insurance Services. Director Max Johnson personally handles True Luxury Travel clients' policy. This service is offered for UK residents, but we are able to advise on options for international residents, so just ask our specialists.



Nothing is more important than our guests safety whilst they travel on a True Luxury Travel holiday. In many cases we are dealing with complex destinations, involving multiple elements to a trip and in environments where you need to know what you are doing or be with an experienced professional. This is obviously very much the situation with some of the more adventurous trips we arrange: safari; diving; skiing; mountain climbing for example. But is just as relevant in a foreign city or self-driving through a new country. At no point would any member of the team suggest an experience where we expose a guest to unnecessary risk and we will be the first to flag if we feel what you are asking for is something we are uncomfortable with arranging. The experience of our team is such that we know the challenges of dealing with problems on the ground. By working as hotel managers and guides, we know where to respect a warning sign and to take action, this concept is just as applicable to planning a trip as it is to delivering the experience while you are away.

Although we are not medical professionals and can not give full medical advice per destination, we can give you guidance and we can point you in the right direction to get professional advice. However, we are very happy to give our opinion and our guidance based on our own levels of expertise for the various destinations we specialise in.

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