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Situated on the Eastern end of the Arabian Peninsula, Oman is described as a jewel on the Arabian Peninsula. Oman borders the UAE to the Northwest, Yemen to the Southwest and Saudi Arabia to the West. Tucked away at the mouth of the Gulf, Oman has a terrain made up of rolling desert dunes, long, white-sand coastlines and expansive picturesque mountains that change colour throughout the day.

Oman is easily accessible with direct flights from London to Muscat. Visitors can also escape to the more private and excluded areas, such as the Zighy Bay coastline. This stunning area is nestled neatly between dramatic mountain ranges and stunning coastlines, and is a true oasis in the middle of nowhere. Yet, such is the location of Oman, even the secluded Zighy Bay is easily accessible, with simply a two-hour drive over the mountains from Dubai. Its middle-eastern location guarantees year-round warmth and sun. The country's diversity offers something for everyone, whether it's a night in the dunes or discovering the cultural and historical sites of Muscat, making Oman a truly timeless destination.

Culture & Heritage

Oman is the oldest independent state in the Arab world, and also one of the most traditional. The country possesses strong natural heritage and is blessed with exquisite diverse and unspoiled nature. Oman remains loyal to its rich heritage and balances the traditional and modern very skilfully, allowing visitors to enjoy places of cultural and historical heritage and at the same time, enjoy modern comforts, facilities and infrastructure.

The country of Oman is characterised by its rich heritage, embracing society and strong sense of identity, making it a very interesting, authentic insight into the Arab world. Visitors to the country marvel at its abundance of raw natural beauty, as well as the long-standing Bedouin values and local traditions of Oman's low-rise towns. Cities such as Muscat and Nizwa boast true examples of exquisite Arabian architecture.

The Capital city, Muscat, is the central hub with many key sights to explore, of which, the Grand Mosque takes centre stage. Other fascinating cultural sites include the Royal Opera House and the National Museum. Visit the Frankincense-scented, Muttrah Corniche Souk for a true authentic experience of Muscat. Alternatively, you can explore the traditional side of Oman by trekking the path up into the mountain villages. This route has a definite feel of the explorer as you enter the rural and alluring territory and learn about the rich heritage of these rural and secluded settlements. Oman has several cultural features that make Oman unique from its neighbours, and the rest of the world. These unique cultural features include Omani folk dance, dress, Khanjar, cuisine and the Falajes, all of which visitors should immerse themselves in and explore.


Oman is one of the most diverse countries in the world, both through its landscapes and also through its people. Oman is a haven of cultural integration, and promotes different cultures and freedom of ethnic expression. Oman is known for being highly receptive to different cultures and this is the reason why the country has attracted such a diversity and variety of people from different backgrounds since its independence. Oman's concept of social harmony is based on unreservedly embracing the characteristics and uniqueness of new cultures, making Oman an inviting and welcoming country to visit.

This mix of cultures can be explored in the cultural hubs of the cities all throughout Oman. Once a tour of the cities is complete, there is yet an entire world of beautiful and ancient villages waiting to be explored, offering visitors a full and diverse stay. Spend a day in the rolling desert dunes, climb Oman's highest peak on Green Mountain (Jebel Al Akhdar), or even head for some pearl diving on Zighy Bay, the possibilities are endless in this diverse landscape. Providing visitors with bustling cities, glorious beaches, and expansive mountains, Oman is one of the most diverse landscapes to visit and really provides you with everything and anything you could want.


Oman is a beautiful and charming country, this can be said for the people too. The locals are extremely friendly, open-minded and welcoming. Should you stop of the side of the road, someone will always stop to help, true good characters. The best way to get in touch with locals is in the local markets (Souks) or all the places near forts and mosques. The communities are safe and stable, this is due to the multicultural and culturally-accepting society helping the country be successful in promoting law and order, which is the basis of stability. As long as visitors are respectful of local culture and traditions, they will welcomed with open arms by the locals.

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