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Norway serves up wholesome outdoor fun by the bucket. Explore the fjords by kayak in the morning and, after a picnic lunch, hike up the sides to see them from above.

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Why we love Norway

Northern Lights

People can spend an awfully long time waiting for the Northern Lights before being rewarded. If you want to heighten your chances, Norway offers you some exceptional advantage. The northern most fjords of Tromso, in our humble opinion, are the best place to be when they light up the sky as the water reflects the colours in all directions.


A road trip is not so much encouraged as it is a necessity to take in this jaw dropping part of the world. The staggering cliffs are remarkable from land but extraordinary from the water. When you can lift your jaw from the floor freedom to roam means there are great hiking trails and fresh water means there are fish to be caught.

Train Journeys

You won’t spend too long trawling through a Norwegian travel website before you see an iconic photo of the countries trains. The Flam Railway is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful routes in the world, fortunately it links two beautiful areas meaning your transfers turn into excursions.

Arctic Circle

Svalbard, one of the most inhospitable parts of the world to live owing to harsh climates and sunlight less winters, falls entirely in the Arctic Circle. It is illegal to look for polar bears and illegal to pick flowers in Svalbard but you can hop on a snowmobile and explore the Arctic landscape this way. Rest assured there is no place in the world like it.

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How to Explore Norway

Fjord Roadtrip

Fjord Roadtrip

  • Take in the fjords are your own pace and make your way through the fjords a la Top Gear. When you aren’t snaking around the roads there is some epic scenery to see as well. Alesund, Bergen
  • From £2,450 per person for a week
  • Alesund, Bergen
24 Sun in Svalbard

24 Sun in Svalbard

  • A state of permanent sunset and sunrise sets a stunning ice and snow scene for winter activities. From £1,640 per person. Svalbard
  • From £2,040 per person for five days
  • Svalbard
Norway in a nutshell

Norway in a nutshell

  • Fjords, food, hikes, cycles and the great outdoors is what Norway is all about. From £3,410 per person Oslo, Bergen, Fjords
  • From £3,410 per person for a week
  • Oslo, Bergen, Fjords

Highlights in Norway

Where To Stay in Norway

Lyngen Lodge

Lyngen Lodge

Northern Norway
Union Oye

Union Oye

Storfjord Hotel

Storfjord Hotel

Ovre Glomset
Brosundet hotel

Brosundet hotel

292 Aurland

292 Aurland


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